How to add network members or investment partners, team members and other people to my deal room?

You can add members to your deal room when you go to the ‘Members’ section and click ‘Add Member’. You need to fill in their email address and choose which access group you want to add them to. Optionally, you can write a personal message that will be included in the invitation email they will receive. They can join your deal room by going on the link in the invitation email. 

If you need to invite a large number of team members, you don't have to add them one by one. Instead, you can send them a dedicated link for joining the deal room. You can find the link when you go to your deal room settings, open the 'Links' tab and scroll down to 'Member application' section. Copy the link of the member group you want to invite them to join.  If you cannot find the link for a group you have created, go to the 'Members' section of the deal room, open the menu from the arrow in the right top corner of your members list, choose 'Groups setup' and make sure that application link is enabled for that group.

You could also import a large number of members. For importing deal room members, you should go to the deal room Settings, open ‘Export / Import’ tab and go to the ‘Import' section. From there you can import an Excel file with the list of your members. The file must include separate columns for: first name, last name, email, access. Access refers to the member group you want to add the person to. As soon as you upload the Excel, the imported members also receive an invitation to join your deal room.

Example of the import file

How to give different deal room members different access in the deal room? How to create and edit member (access) groups?

There are two default access levels in every created deal room — ‘Member’ and ‘Admin’. Admins have full access to deal room Settings and all functionalities in the deal room while Members have limited access. You can change the access of each member by assigning them to the corresponding member group. This can be done by going to the 'Members' section in your deal room and choosing to edit a member (the 'Edit' button is available in the menu that can be opened from the arrow at the end of the row).

It is also possible to create more custom access groups and edit the rights and names of the existing ones as well as delete the existing ones. To do that, open your deal room, go to the 'Members' section, open the menu from the arrow in the right top corner of your members list and choose 'Groups setup'. Alternatively, you can access the groups configurator from deal room 'Settings' > 'Preferences' > 'Deal room setup' > 'Member groups setup'. There, you can create new groups and configure the following access for each group: 

Companies access
No access (cannot see any company applications in the deal room)
View companies (can view company applications in discover, funnel and database steps they have access to)
View companies and create funding rounds (can view applications in the deal room; can create and edit funding rounds, when activity access is also marked as full access)
Full edit access (in addition to 'View companies and create funding rounds' rights can move company applications in the funnel, send emails to companies, request more information from companies, manage tags, tasks and assignees of company applications, add information to company applications for internal use in the deal room, lock/unlock applications for changes, add companies to the deal room)

Members access

No access (cannot see the list of other members)
View names (can only see the names of other deal room members and send them emails)
View members (can see the list of other deal room members together with their contact details and investor profiles (if available) and send them emails)
Full edit access (in addition to 'View members' rights, can add members, remove members, change members' access, add tags and notes to members)

Activity access

No access (cannot access company chat, comments, funding interests, voting or internal documents)
Full access (can view and add comments and funding interests on company applications, can read and write in company chat, can see internal documents attached to company applications)

Portfolio access

No access (cannot access any portfolio information)
View own investments (each member can see only those portfolio companies he/she has invested in and the size of his/her investment)
View own investments and all company names (each member can see names of all portfolio companies and the size of his/her investment for companies he/she has invested in)
View everything (can view all portfolio companies together with information about which members and how much have invested in each deal)
Full edit access (can view all portfolio companies together with information about which members and how much invested in each deal and edit portfolio information)

Events access

View invited to (view the events which participants lists they're included in)
View events (view all deal room events except for those which visibility has been limited to participants only)
Full access (set up and edit events and invite participants)

Documents access

No access (no access to the deal room's documents section)
View documents (view deal room documents)
Full access (upload and manage deal room documents)

Settings access

No access (cannot access deal room settings)
Full access (can change deal room’s preferences, setup and billing info, edit deal room’s profile, and export and import data, view activity logs)

You can also configure the accessibility of each funnel step to different member groups and what level of company applications each group can see in a specific funnel step. That can be done when you go to 'Steps access' in 'Member groups setup'.

Lastly, you can configure member groups’ visibility to member groups. This is applicable for groups whose members access has been configured as ‘View names’ or higher. To configure member groups’ visibility to member groups, go to ‘Groups access’ in ‘Member groups setup’. In the dialogue that opens, you can disable visibility of specific member groups to any chosen groups or choose what level of information they can see about members who belong to any specific group. The latter is applicable only when the groups’ members access has been configured as ‘View members’ or higher. Almost all investor profile information is visible with the level ‘Overview’. That level only excludes answers to the questions “Your background”, “Indicative annual investment amount” (if this question has been activated in your member application form for the specific group), address questions that are more detailed than city (if used) and any custom questions you have asked your account manager to add to your member application form with the ‘Details’ access level.

You can learn more about adding and managing members from this video.

Can I add external experts/partners to my deal room and make only some of the data visible to/hide internal data from them?

You can create a separate member group for such people and limit the rights and access of that group. You can find the instructions for creating and editing member groups and their rights and access from the paragraph above.

Can I add members to my deal room and hide all the data from them?

You can create create a member group that doesn't have access to deal room content by configuring companies access as ‘View companies’, other access types as ‘No access’ and disabling their access to all funnel steps in ‘Steps access’.

Can I collect member applications (from people who are interested in joining my investor group/network) with the help of Dealum? How can I see the profiles of my deal room members (investors)?

To collect applications from potential members, you can set up a separate member group for them that would have no access to companies in the deal room or other internal deal room data. It's also recommended to tick the 'Investor profile' requirement for that group. After receiving and reviewing a profile of a potential member, you can move them to a member group that has access to deal room content.

To put a link for joining your deal room on your website, you can enable and copy the application link of the relevant member group.

If 'Investor profile' requirement is ticked for a specific member group in 'Member groups setup', then people who're joining that member group are required to create an investor profile on Dealum. Their profiles include information about their investment background/experience and investment interests. You can also ask them to provide other kind of additional information. To set up a custom application form for a certain member group, please get in touch with our support. You can see the profiles of your deal room members when you go to 'Members' tab in your deal room and click on names of members.

I want my deal room members to update their profiles. What should I do?

Only members who have full edit access to members list in the deal room can request profile updates from other members. To request a profile update from a member, go to ‘Members’ tab in the deal room, open the additional action menu of the member and choose ‘Request profile update’. It is also possible to multi-select members and choose 'Request profile update' from 'Actions' menu (when you choose a member who has not accepted the invitation to join the deal room, option doesn't appear in 'Actions' menu). You can also add a personal message to your request in the dialogue that opens. When you send the request, the member will receive an email with a link for updating their profile information.

Please note that profile updates can only be requested from members who belong to a member group that has investor profile requirement turned on.

Deal room members are able to update their profiles also without having received a request for an update. If they belong to a member group that has view access to members list in your deal room, they can update their profile by going to ‘Members’ tab, clicking on their name and choosing ‘Update profile’.

If they have no access to members list in your deal room, they can update their profile by updating the profile of their personal deal room they used as their member profile when joining your deal room.

How can I export the information of my deal room members?

Only members who have full access to deal room settings can export data. To export the information of your deal room members, go to your deal room Settings and open the ‘Export / Import’ tab. There you have an option to download Excel with all deal room members. The export includes the list of your deal room members together with their emails, phone numbers and other information provided on their investor profiles. 

You can also export the information of your deal room members by going to 'Members' tab and choosing 'Actions' > 'Download Excel'. You can also filter deal room members if necessary, multi-select them and choose 'Export members' from 'Actions' menu.

How to add tags and internal notes to members?

You can add tags to deal room members when application and member tags are enabled in your deal room. You can enable/disable them in deal room Settings > Preferences > Deal room > Application and member tags. When tags are enabled, you are also able to set up a predefined list of member tags for use in your deal room in deal room preferences. You and your team members can choose tags from the predefined list as well as add tags that are not included in the list when adding tags to members. Tags can be added only by members who have full edit members access (see above).

To add tags to a deal room member, go to the members tab and choose to edit the member. You can also add tags to multiple member profiles at once when you multi-select members you want to add a tag to and choose ‘Edit tags’ from the Actions menu that appears on top of the members list. The same applies to removing tags from multiple members at once.

Member tags are visible to all deal room members who have ‘View members’ or higher members access. You can filter members by tags from the filtering section or use the filter search.

While editing members, you can also add internal notes to members. Internal notes are visible only to members who have full edit members access. You can use separate notes search to find members by internal notes.
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