Can I save a half-filled application and continue later?

If you leave the application unfinished, your answers for the tabs where you have clicked 'Next' or 'Back' will be saved. Answers for the unfinished tabs from which you have not moved back or forward will not be saved. There are two ways to continue filling in your application:

Go to the same application link where you first started filling in your application and continue from there.

Log in to Dealum, open your company and choose 'Continue application' for the organization where you want to continue your application to.*

*On some occasions, the option #2 might not be available. If you have started an application and cannot see the application draft in the Applications tab when open your company after logging in, please go to the application link where you originally started the application and you should be able to continue your application there.

I started an application but decided not to apply. How can I delete the application draft?

To delete an application draft, open your company, go to 'Applications' tab and choose 'Delete' from the additional actions menu of the corresponding application.

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