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Managing portfolio and tracking its performance

How does portfolio management work on Dealum? / How to use portfolio?

Portfolio feature helps you get an overview of how much you’ve invested in each portfolio company in total, what is the size of the equity stake you own in each company, what is the current value of your stake and how much that value and investment multiple (applicable for equity investments) have grown through different investment rounds since first investing in the company. 

You can also track how much you have invested in startups in total and keep an eye on how your portfolio value is changing in time. The current portfolio value shows you how much you’d get if exits would happen at current valuations.

It’s possible to keep in track of both, equity investments and convertible notes. Convertible notes you add can later be converted into equity or marked as paid. Converting into equity allows you to automatically see how your stake in the company and its value change. You can also see live data about how much accrued interest each convertible note has generated to date.

Additionally, you can convert your investments to exits and track how much total realized profit your portfolio has generated as well as how much invested money has been withdrawn.

You can connect each funding round in your portfolio to a related company application in your funnel to be able to navigate from the portfolio entry to the application and see further information about the company.

If you have connected funding rounds in your portfolio to company applications, you can also filter your portfolio by different criteria that can be found on applications, such as company stages, industries, application tags and more. Applying filters allows you to check how much you have invested in companies from a specific industry for example.

How can investor groups and networks manage their portfolio on Dealum?

Investor groups and networks can use portfolio in their deal room the same way as funds or individual investors and benefit also from a few additional features designed specially for group portfolio management.

In investor group portfolio, it is possible to specify who were the deal room members that participated in each funding round and how much each member invested. Investments by investors who are not deal room members can also be added to both, equity and convertible note rounds if some investors have not joined the deal room yet, have left the deal room or have been removed from the deal room for example. Any non-member investments you add to your portfolio will be reflected in the total amount invested by your deal room.

The amount of information your members can see in your deal room’s portfolio depends on the access level you have given them. If they have access to portfolio, they can always filter out detailed information about their own investments by clicking on ‘My investments’. Admins and members who have right to see all portfolio information can also filter investments by members. The visibility of portfolio information to different member groups can be configured in Member groups setup.

You can also add a description to each funding round in your portfolio and each member's investment in the round. The description is visible to everyone who have the rights to see the specific investment the description is added to.

To add a company to your deal room's portfolio, go to the Portfolio section, click on 'Add Portfolio Company' and insert the name of the company. If the company is in your funnel, the system will suggest you their existing application(s) and you can connect the portfolio round to the relevant company application. If the company is already in your portfolio, you can open the company from the portfolio and add another equity round or convertible note. When adding a new round, you can also connect that round to related company application you have in your funnel and list members who participated in the round with their investment amounts.

Another way would be adding a company/funding round to portfolio straight from the funnel. For that, you should open the 'All actions' menu of the company application and choose 'Add to portfolio'. If you also want to add all funding interests from the Funding tab to your portfolio as funding round participants’ investments, tick the ‘Include participant funding interests’ checkbox. You also have to enter the portfolio funding round name, click on ‘Add to portfolio’ and the funding round will be added to the portfolio of your deal room.

When funding rounds in your deal room’s portfolio are tied to related company applications, you can also filter your portfolio by different criteria that can be found on applications, such as company stages, industries, application tags and more. Applying filters allows you to check how much your group has invested in companies from a specific industry for example.

How can I privately share documents with members who have invested in a specific company?

To share documents with your investor group members who have invested in a specific company, navigate to the portfolio section in the deal room and open that company in the portfolio. You will see a documents tab in the rounds view where you can upload documents or add document links.

You can organize portfolio documents into folders and have them signed — document management works the same way as everywhere else in Dealum. Documents you upload to the portfolio are visible to those members who are listed as an investor in any rounds of the company in the portfolio and members who have full edit portfolio access in the deal room. Portfolio documents can be uploaded only by members who have ‘full edit access’ to portfolio. Companies cannot see or upload portfolio documents.

How can I add investments from an investor group's portfolio to my personal portfolio?

To add investments to the portfolio of your personal deal room, your personal deal room needs to have a subscription. You can upgrade your deal room from Settings > Billing.

To add an investment to your personal portfolio, navigate to the investment in the investor group’s portfolio. Open the Actions menu on top of the rounds view and choose ‘Add to another deal room’.

You can also choose to copy the company applications that are related to the funding rounds to your personal funnel and copy the investments of matching members to the portfolio of your personal deal room (the latter is useful only if you are sharing your deal room with family/team members and each of them would like to be able to look at their investments separately). You are able to edit any data in your personal portfolio, including the investments you’ve added from an angel group’s portfolio.

If you want to add a funding round to a company that is already in your personal portfolio (e.g. the investor group invested in the round after you had already added the previous rounds to your personal portfolio), please use the same action. Only the new round(s) will be copied as a result, meaning the previous rounds will be automatically skipped and no duplicates will be created in your personal portfolio. Alternatively, you can manually enter information about the new round(s) directly to your personal portfolio.

When the investor group’s primary currency is different from your personal deal room’s, the financial data you’re adding to your personal portfolio will be automatically converted into the primary currency of your personal deal room. Numbers are rounded in the conversion process, so the data might not be 100% accurate after the conversion and we recommend reviewing it (and adjusting if needed) in your personal portfolio.

Updated on: 05/10/2022

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