How does voting/rating work on Dealum?

Voting is meant for collaborative decision-making and evaluation of applications in a deal room. Voting is tied to a specific funnel step. All members who have access to the step where voting takes place can also participate in voting (unless configured differently when setting up the voting). Voting can be added to any step in your funnel and several votings can be active at the same time in different steps of your funnel.

It's up to you to decide what you ask your deal room members to evaluate (meaning that voting/rating questions/criteria can be entered by you) and whether answer options are textual (can be entered by you) or your rating is based on a numeric scale (the scale can be chosen by you). It's possible to show voters the ratings/votes that other people have given to applications or hide others' votes from them. 

How to set up rating/voting in a deal room?

Voting can be set up by deal room members who have full access to deal room settings. To set up voting in your deal room, go to your deal room 'Settings' -> 'Preferences' -> 'Funnel setup' or open funnel setup from the funnel view. Open the additional actions menu of the step where you want to set up voting and choose 'Voting'. Enter the voting question(s) and answer options. Give answer options values (needed for calculating the average result or sum of results in case it is used). Choose the results type for displaying the voting results summary. We recommend using 'Average' or ‘Sum’ for numeric ratings. 'Count' can be useful when using textual answer options (e.g. Yes/No voting). You can give different questions/criteria different weights by adjusting the answer options' values accordingly.

You can choose whether and how much information your members can see about votes company applications received in the specific voting round by adjusting the choice for ‘Members can see other votes’. You can make the following choices:
No (hides votes from all members except members with full access to deal room settings)
Summary (depending on the results type configuration, allows them to see the average, sum or count of the votes each application received)
Anonymously (allows them to see individual voters’ votes and comments without voters’ names)
Yes (allows them to see votes with voters’ names)

If the "Voting is active" box is ticked, voting is displayed in the deal room step where you have set it up. To remove voting from the step, untick the box. 

Can I exclude some members/member groups from voting? / Can I include only specific members/member groups in voting?

Yes. When you set up voting in your deal room, you can choose which members/member groups should participate in that voting. That way, the voting bar will be hidden from deal room members who are not selected as voters when they look at Funnel or company applications. They also won't receive invitations to vote when you send jury invitation emails. To include only specific members/member groups in voting, choose 'Only selected members have a vote' for 'Vote type' in the voting setup dialogue. Then tick members or member groups who should participate in voting in the 'Voting members' section.

Is it possible to rate multiple aspects of applications/vote based on multiple criteria?

Yes, it is. You can add several questions to one voting. To add an extra question, use the 'Add question' button in the dialogue where you set up your voting. You can customize the scale/answer options for each question separately.

How to organize the order in which applications are showed in voting/rating?

You can organize the order of applications in a specific funnel step by opening that step and choosing 'Sort applications' from the menu that opens from the arrow in the right top corner of the funnel.

In the dialogue that will open, drag and drop applications to organize them in desired order and click 'Save'. The saved order will also be used in voting/rating.

How to invite deal room members to participate in voting/rating?

To invite relevant deal room members to give their votes to applications, open the funnel step where the voting takes place, open the menu from the right upper corner of your funnel (an arrow) and choose 'Send jury invitation emails'. Voters will receive an invitation to vote on their email. Invitations will be sent only to those deal room members whom the voting round is visible to (those who have access to the funnel step where voting takes place and who have been selected as voting members in the voting round setup) and who have not completed voting yet.

How to assign specific companies to specific voters/jury members?

To assign applications to specific voters, you need to copy the links of these applications (open an application and copy its URL) and send them to relevant voters as a list. The voters should not click ‘Next’ to move to the next application when they're voting since this will give them a random company from that funnel step. Instead, they should open the links one by one to give votes to the companies assigned to them only.

How to export vote results?

Only members who have full access to deal room settings can export data. To export voting results, go to your deal room Settings and open the ‘Export / Import’ tab. There you have an option to download Excel with voting results. The file will include an average rating for each company in each step. Alternatively, you can go to a funnel step where voting is active and choose 'Actions' -> 'Export all vote results'.

To export only the results of a specific voting round, go to the funnel step where that voting round is currently active, open the menu from the arrow on the upper right corner of your funnel and choose 'Export vote results of {step name}'. Only vote results of companies that are currently in that step will be exported.

How to see who has rated a specific application in any of the funnel steps?

Open the 'All actions' menu (arrow in the funnel view) of that application and choose 'All vote results'. There you can see by steps who are the people who have given ratings and what was each person’s rating.

How to remove voting from a funnel step?

It is possible to deactivate a voting round or delete it completely. To deactivate voting in a funnel step, go to deal room 'Settings' > 'Preferences' > 'Deal room' > 'Deal room setup' > 'Funnel setup'. Choose 'Voting' from the additional actions menu of the funnel step (three dots under the step name) where you want to deactivate voting. Untick 'Voting is active' in the dialogue that opens and click 'OK'. Voting is not shown on that funnel step anymore after the voting round has been deactivated.

You can also delete the voting round completely if needed. However, please keep in mind that by deleting the voting round, you will lose all votes and voting comments companies received in that round. Results of deleted voting rounds cannot be recovered.

Can I remove votes/ratings that have been given to a company in a specific funnel step and evaluate them again in the same step using the same voting round?

Yes. That can be done by opening the 'All actions' menu of the specific application and choosing 'All vote results' > 'Remove results'.

You can learn more about voting from this video.
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