Who can see the information that I enter to Dealum?

Detailed information about your company is shared with only deal rooms of organizations (investor groups/events/competitions/accelerators/incubators/funds/other) you apply to with your company profile. Each organization can see only answers to the questions that are included in their application form and further due diligence process (if they have it).

You can share your shareable company page with whoever you like to by copying the shareable company page link from your company Settings or from 'Share your profile' section' in 'Applications' tab. Your shareable company page is not discoverable on Google or any other search engine and cannot be searched on Dealum. It is accessible only through the link. The link of your shareable company page is also visible to deal rooms you've applied to.

Data in applications that are not submitted yet (application drafts) is not visible to anyone.

Why is some information that I have entered missing on the shareable company page?

Shareable company page contains only limited information about your company. Some fields that might contain information that can be considered confidential (e.g. pitch deck) are not visible on the shareable company page. However, these fields are visible to deal rooms (organizations) you have applied to (in case that data was asked in their application form).
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