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Managing contacts of deal room's network

How to connect with other deal rooms?

There are two ways to build your contact list.

You can use the Explore tab to find deal rooms who have agreed to receive connection requests from other deal rooms on Dealum. You can see other deal rooms in the Explore tab only when you have allowed your own deal room to be discoverable.

If you haven’t enabled it yet, you can do it when you:
Go to deal room settings
Open the Preferences tab
Locate the Profile section
Tick “Allow others to find this deal room’s profile”

If the list of other deal rooms is available in the Explore tab, you can send those deal rooms connection requests. Connection will be established only when they accept your request.

When other deal rooms send you connection requests through Explore, those requests will appear in the Contacts tab. You can accept or decline the request and view the profile of the deal room that is trying to connect.

You can send connection requests via email. This option can be used if the deal room you’re trying to connect with has decided not to appear in the Explore tab or you prefer to connect with others without making your own deal room discoverable. You should send the connect request via email to a person who has full Network access in the deal room you want to connect with.

If you have received a connection request via email and would like to accept it:
Click on the “View invitation” button in the email
You will be taken to Dealum and asked to log in if you are not logged in yet
You need to select the deal room which connections list you want to add the deal room that sent you the request to
A pop up will notify you if the connection was successful or there are any problems

You will get an error if the deal room you’re trying to accept the invite with does not have access to the Network feature or the deal room that sent you the invite is already in your contacts.

How to group contacts?

You can use tags to group contacts. If you want to add a tag to a contact:
Open the menu connected to the contact
Choose “Edit”
Add any desired tags
Click “Save”

Tags allow you to easily share posts with a subgroup of your network marked with a specific tag.

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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