How can I share documents with deal room members?

To share any general documents or resources with your deal room members, you can upload them to your deal room’s documents section. You can choose which member groups can see or edit documents in member groups setup.

To share any documents that are related to a specific company, you can attach them to that company’s application as internal documents. That way, they would be visible to all deal room members who have access to the company application and have activity access in the deal room. Internal documents you add to a company application are not visible to the company.

If you need to share any funding round related documents, you can upload them as funding round documents. You can add funding round documents only when there is a funding round connected to the company application. In case of funding round documents, you can choose for each document whether it is internal or shared with the company.

Deal room documents, internal application documents and funding round documents can all be uploaded as files or added as links and organized into folders. To add documents or links into folders, enter a new or an existing folder name to the corresponding field when adding or editing the document.

Documents (as files) can also be attached to any comments on company applications or funding rounds and to messages that are sent in company chat, funding round chat or in discussions.

You can also upload documents by dragging and dropping them into a corresponding files section or message box in Dealum. That also allows you to upload multiple documents at once if needed.

How can I get documents that I upload to Dealum signed?

There are two options available on Dealum for signing documents — simple electronic signature and DocuSign integration.

To add a document for signing with DosuSign, please follow the steps below:

Upload the document to DocuSign and set up a PowerForm with the return address
Upload the same document to Dealum and choose DocuSign PowerForm from the digital signing dropdown.
Copy the PowerForm URL from DocuSign and add it to Dealum to the ‘DocuSign PowerForm URL’ field.
Optionally, you can enter the Signer/Recepient role name that you configured in DocuSign to the ’Signer role’ field in Dealum. This allows Dealum to automatically pre-fill the signer name and email on DocuSign.
Set the PowerForm completion redirect URL as in DocuSign. It is reccommended to configure also other process-exiting URLs to the same endpoint.

For more information about PowerForms and completion URLs, please consult DocuSign support. For more information about DocuSign integration on Delaum, please get in touch with your account manager/our support.

Simple electronic signature
When you want to have a document singed with simple electronic signature(s), upload it to Dealum and choose ‘Simple electronic signature’ from the digital signing dropdown. When you’re using simple electronic signatures, users are asked to type in their name for signing. The name they type in must match their full name on Dealum for successful signing.

When you\re using either of the two signing options, you can check which members have added their signature to the document by opening the actions menu of the document from the three dots on the right and choosing ‘View signatures’.

Please note that when using DocuSign integration, the list of signers is indicative as users who have signed the document show up in that list only when all redirect links work properly and the user does not drop off the process flow. Authentic signature status information is available on DocuSign platform.
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