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Company reporting data in portfolio

What is reporting data in portfolio?

Reporting data in portfolio is the same as the one available in applications. The use cases are different: reporting in applications is to help make a decision for investment, while reporting in Portfolio is to keep eyes on how your investment is doing.

You can find Reporting by following these steps:
Go to
Click on chosen deal room name
Click on "Portfolio" on the left side menu
Click on a company under your "Investments" or "Exits"
Click on "Reporting" tab below the company's name

If you do not see Reporting tab by following these steps, then you do not have access. Your access can be limited by one or all of the following factors:
the company has not shared their reporting data with your deal room
the application(s) the company has given your deal room reporting access on have not been connected to any rounds of this company in Portfolio
you have not invested (or are not marked as an investor) in that company and don't have administrative rights in Portfolio

How to ask for reporting data from company

Asking for reporting data for the first time
In order to see the reporting data at all, company must first provide reporting data access to your deal room. To get access to reporting information and request the first update from the company, follow these steps:
Go to the company application
Click on "All actions"
Click on "Request more info"
Select "Reporting"
(Optional) Add additional message
Click Request

Please note that you can only do so from the application, and not from Portfolio.

You can read more about "Request more info" here: What is the 'Request more info' action for?

Asking for reporting data to be updated
If the company has previously granted access to reporting data, you will be able to see it, but it could be outdated (e.g. they have not updated the data for a month or more). In that case, you will be able to ask for an update from within Portfolio. To do so, please follow these steps:
Click on "Portfolio" on the left side menu
Click on a company under your "Investments" or "Exits"
Click on "Reporting" tab
Click on "Request update"
(Optional) write an additional message to company
Click "Request"

Please note that the "Request update" button is only available for members with "Full edit access" to Portfolio and for members who have been given the lead investor rights for the specific company in Portfolio.

Who can access "Reporting" in portfolio?

Deal room members who can see Reporting tab and it's contents:
Deal room admins
Investors in the company with any access to portfolio
Non-investors (investors who have not invested into that specific company) who have full access to portfolio

Deal room admins have full access to all parts of your deal room.

Investors in the company will need any access to portfolio that is not "No access". The minimum requirement is "View own investments":

Non-ivestors will need "Full access" to view Reporting for companies they have not invested in:

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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