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How to record exits in Portfolio?

If the company makes an exit or your deal room exits from an investment, you can convert the corresponding investment in Portfolio to an exit.

To convert an investment into an exit:
open Portfolio
click on the company you’ve exited from
open the Actions menu from the top right corner of the rounds view
choose “Convert to exit”
enter the exit date and how much your deal room received from the exit (this number should include the initial investment as well not only profit)
click “Convert”

Please note that investments that have active convertible notes, loans or SAFEs (which have not been marked as paid or converted to equity) cannot be converted to exits.

If investors sold only some of their shares or only some of the investors sold their shares (a partial exit happened), it should be recorded as sale of shares instead of converting the investment to an exit.

Sale of shares can be recorded as an equity round with some special modifications:
Amount invested - total amount you or the entity received from selling shares recorded as a negative value (if you’re managing a portfolio of an investor group, you should enter the amount the group members received in total)
Round size field should be left empty
Signing date - the date the shares were sold
Pre-money valuation - you can enter the current valuation of the company
Total shares before the round - this number should reflect the number of shares the company has issued in total
Share price - the price at which shares were sold
Shares acquired - number of shares that you/the entity sold recorded as a negative number (if you’re managing a portfolio of an investor group, enter the total number of shares your group members sold)
Total shares issued - enter “0” to this field
Description - any additional information you want to add about the sale of shares in free text format; visible to everyone who has the right to view this round in the deal room’s Portfolio
Investors - list members who sold their shares (if applicable), amounts they received and the number of shares each of them sold both recorded as negative numbers

If member(s) sold shares to other member(s) of the same deal room, the amount invested field should be filled with “0”.

Exits view explained

Exits are displayed separately from other investments in the portfolio summary view. Write-offs (companies that have defaulted) are hidden by default. To see write-offs click on “Show write-offs” at the bottom of the Exits section.

You can click on the company name to see rounds of the exited company and more details about the exit, such as how much each investor received from the exit (if applicable).

How much each investor received from the exit is calculated based on their share in the deal room’s investment. If the deal room had invested 100 000 and a member had invested 40 000, the amount the member received from the exit would be calculated as 40 000 / 100 000 x the amount the deal room received from the exit.

Updated on: 24/10/2023

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