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Discussion in portfolio

What is "Discussion" in portfolio?

Each portfolio company has a dedicated discussion thread where members who have invested in a company can discuss topics related to that company privately. So, unlike application discussions that are visible to most members with access to companies and their applications, these discussions are meant exclusively for the investors who have invested in the company.

You can find Discussion by following these steps:
Go to
Click on chosen deal room name
Click on "Portfolio" on the left side menu
Click on a company under your "Investments" or "Exits"
Click on "Discussion" tab below the company's name

If you do not see Discussion tab by following these steps, then you do not have access.

Members with "Full edit access" to portfolio and all investors who have invested in the company will receive an in-app notification about the discussion message unless these notifications have been turned off by an admin in your deal room’s notifications setup or a specific participant has turned them off in their personal notifications preferences. Admins can send a copy of the message to all participants via email by turning on “Email everyone” in the extra menu (indicated by three dots).

Who can access "Discussion" in portfolio?

Deal room members who can see Discussion tab and it's contents:
Deal room admins
Investors in the company with any access to portfolio
Non-investors (investors who have not invested into that specific company) who have full access to portfolio

Deal room admins have full access to all parts of your deal room.

Investors in the company will need any access to portfolio that is not "No access". The minimum requirement is "View own investments":

Non-investors will need "Full access" to view Discussions for companies they have not invested in:

Updated on: 04/09/2023

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