Can I get monthly reports/investor updates from companies?

To get monthly updates with KPIs and other relevant information from a company, you have to have that company in your deal room with a profile/application created by the company. You can read here how you can add companies to your deal flow.

If you have the company in your deal room, you can request monthly reports from them. To get access to reporting information and request an update from the company, choose ‘All actions’ > ‘Request more info’. In the dialogue that will open, choose ‘Reporting’ for the access you’re requesting and add a message if you wish. Alternatively, you can go to 'Reporting' tab on their application and press 'Request reporting access' to send them the same request. If you need companies to provide new reporting information, you can request reporting update from them by going to ‘Reporting’ tab on their application and pressing ‘Request update’.

It’s up to each company to choose which KPIs and information they want to report.
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