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Monthly reports/investor updates from companies

How to request reporting information from companies?

To get monthly updates with KPIs and other relevant information from a company, you have to have that company in your deal room with a profile/application created by the company. You can read here how you can add companies to your deal room.

If you have the company in your deal room, you can request monthly reports from them (if they have not already given you access to their reporting information on their own initiative).

To get access to reporting information and request the first update from the company:
open their application from in funnel
open the All actions menu
choose "Request more info"
choose "Reporting" for Request access
add a personal message that the company would receive with your request if you wish
click "Request"

Alternatively, you can go to Reporting tab on the company application and press "Request reporting access" to send them the same request.

You can also give companies the opportunity to share their reporting information already upon submitting the application. You can find instructions on how to do that here.

It’s up to each company to choose which KPIs and information they want to report.

How to request a reporting update from companies?

If you need companies to provide new reporting information, you can request a reporting update from them by going to the Reporting tab on their application and pressing "Request update".

You can also request a reporting update from multiple companies at once. For that:
multi-select relevant applications in a funnel step
open the Actions menu that appears at the top of the funnel
choose "Request more info"
tick the "Request reporting information only" checkbox if you don't want to ask those companies to update anything else in their applications
press "Request"

The "Request reporting information only" checkbox is available only when you already have access to the reporting information on all applications you selected.

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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