How can I add companies to my deal room?

Startups can apply through your deal room’s application link. You can get this link when you go to ‘Settings’ > ’Links’ and copy the link from the ‘Company application’ section.
You can invite companies individually by using the ‘Invite Company’/'Add company' button in your Funnel view. Invited companies will receive an email invitation to apply to your deal room.
You can let companies on Dealum that match your deal room's interests apply to your deal room by turning on deal room discoverability.
Users who have full edit companies access in the deal room can add company applications to the deal room also without sending invitations to the companies. This can be done by deselecting 'Send invitation to company' at the end of the 'Add company' form. These companies can later be invited to submit applications if needed by using 'Invite company to deal room' action on applications.
Startups can be added to your personal deal room or any other deal room where you have full edit companies access from other deal rooms, e.g. from event, competition, accelerator and investor group deal rooms.

How can I add companies from one deal room to another?

You can add companies to deal rooms where you have full edit companies access. To do that, open the ‘All actions’ menu of a company application and choose ‘Add to my deal room’. Choose the right deal room from the dropdown in the dialogue that opens. If a funding round has been created for that application, you can also choose whether you want to share the funding round with the deal room you’re adding the company to. For that, tick the ‘Join funding round’ checkbox. If the deal room you’re adding the company to is joining the funding round, you can optionally give it lead deal room rights by ticking the ‘Make deal room round lead’ checkbox.

It is also possible to add multiple companies to another deal room at once when you have full edit companies access in both deal rooms. For that, select all companies you want to add to the other deal room and choose ‘Add to my deal room’ from the ‘Actions’ menu on top of the funnel. It is not possible to share funding rounds when using multi-action for adding companies to another deal room.

When you add a company to another deal room, only the company’s answers to questions that are activated in the other deal room will become visible on the application that is created in that deal room (in case they have been provided by the company).

What do different application sources shown in funnel/on company applications mean?

Company page – the company was added to your deal room from the company’s shareable Dealum page (somebody must have shared the link with you)
Application link – company applied to your deal room using (one of) the application link(s) you have activated in your funnel and shared with companies (on your website, in emails or via any other channel)
Discover – company applied to your deal room through a recommendation on Dealum platform (you have enabled deal room discoverability)
Invitation – the company applied via email invitation they received from your deal room (someone from your deal room invited the company using the ‘Add company’/’Invite company’ action)
Funding round page – the company was added to your deal room (together with a funding round) by a deal room member (who has full edit companies access) when joining an existing funding round via funding round page that was shared with them
Another deal room (name of the deal room would be shown as the source) – a deal room member with full edit companies access added the company to your deal room from another deal room they’re a member of

How can I hand over data that has been entered/imported about a company when I invite the company to the deal room?

You can hand over data that has been imported about a company or added using the ‘Edit answers’ option when you invite the company to the deal room (the company has not previously applied to your deal room). If you choose to hand over the data when inviting the company, then the entered information will be pre-filled in the application form when the company accepts the invitation. Please note that you will lose control over the entered information and the company will be able to change it.

After the company has accepted the invite, you will still be able to add internal notes to the company application in your deal room using the ‘Edit answers’ mode which cannot be seen or edited by the company.
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