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Making your deal room visible to startups on Dealum

How can I make my deal room visible to startups on Dealum?

This feature is not effective during the trial period.

You can make your deal room visible only to relevant companies on Dealum whose profiles match your deal room's interests. You cannot make your deal room visible to all companies on the platform. To make your deal room visible to matching companies on Dealum, turn on your deal room's public application link for companies by following these steps:
Go to deal room Settings
Open the Links tab
Scroll down to the "Public application links" section
Click on the "Set up" under "Company public application link"
Tick the "Enable public company application link" checkbox
Choose the funnel step where you want to receive applications from companies that apply to your deal room via suggestion in Dealum
Click "OK"
Click "Save"

When the public company application link is activated, your deal room shows up for relevant companies in their applications view among recommendations of other deal rooms they might want to apply to. They will see your deal room's name, type, country, state and city but can also take a look at the more detailed profile by clicking on 'View more and apply'.

You can define your deal room's interests in deal room Settings > Profile. When selecting countries of interest, please note that companies from countries you have not selected will never see your deal room among their recommendations.

We do not recommend defining your interests too broadly. If you do, you might get a lot of irrelevant deal flow. We recommend choosing only a few industries, business types, company stages and other criteria you're mainly interested in. The more the company's profile matches with your investment interests, the higher is the likelihood that they will see your deal room among their recommendations.

You will see the application source as 'Discover' for applications you have received from companies who found your deal room through Dealum.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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