How can I make my deal room visible to startups on Dealum?

This feature is not effective during the trial period.
You can make your deal room visible only to relevant companies on Dealum whose profiles match with your deal room's interests. You cannot make your deal room visible to all companies on the platform. To make your deal room visible to matching companies on Dealum, turn on your deal room's discoverability in deal room Settings > Preferences > Discoverability > Companies can find and apply to this Deal room > Set up. Tick the 'Companies can find and apply to this deal room' checkbox and choose the funnel step where you want to receive applications from companies on Dealum. You will see the application source as 'Discover' for applications you have received from companies in Dealum community.

When discoverability is activated, your deal room shows up for relevant companies in the applications view as a recommendation of other deal rooms they might want to apply to. They will see your deal room's name, type, country, business model types you're interested in and the description of what your deal room is looking for.

You can define your deal room's interests in deal room Settings > Profile. When selecting countries of interest, please note that companies from countries you have not selected will never see your deal room among their recommendations.

We do not recommend defining your interests too broadly. If you do, you might get a lot of irrelevant deal flow. We recommend choosing only a few industries, business types, company stages and other criteria you're mainly interested in.

You can add a short description of what your deal room is looking for in your deal room Settings > Profile as an answer to the question "What are you looking for in companies?".

You can also learn about deal room discoverability from this video.
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