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Collecting data from companies step-by-step

If you do not want to let startups fill in a long detailed application form immediately, you have a chance to ask more information from them step by step. For that, you can attach a set of additional questions to chosen steps of your funnel. That way, you can ask additional questions from startups only when you’re still interested in them after going through specific stages of your process.

You can set up a step-by-step due diligence process in your Funnel setup. For that, add the additional questions and make them required/optional starting from the funnel step where you need that information from your applicants. You can find detailed instructions for adding questions to different funnel steps here.

To notify the company about additional questions, you have to use the "Request more info" / "Request info" action after moving them to the step these additional questions are attached to.

It is also possible to have the more info request triggered automatically when you move companies to the step that has required questions they haven't answered yet. For additional information and activating the trigger you should contact your account manager.

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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