How can I communicate with/reach out to companies that are in my deal room?

There are two options on Dealum for getting in touch with startups:

Sending an email.
To send a company an email, open the 'All action' menu and choose 'Send email'. You will receive replies on your personal email address that you have entered to your Personal settings (unless it is configured differently in deal room Settings). You can send an email to multiple companies that are in the same funnel step at the same time by multi-selecting the companies whom you want to email (when you move your cursor on a company's logo in the list view, it will turn into a checkbox and after selecting at least one company, multi-selection mode is turned on) and choosing 'Actions' > 'Send email'.

Please note that you cannot send emails to companies who have not finished their application (it’s a draft), who have been added to the funnel but have not been invited to the deal room or have revoked access to their profile updates. If you select any of such companies, the ‘Send email’ button will not appear. You can avoid it by using the status filter and filtering out companies whom it is not possible to email.

You can learn more about sending emails to companies from this video.
Using Dealum chat.
For this, open the 'All actions' menu of the company application in the funnel list view (from the arrow at the end of the row) and choose 'Chat with company' or use the 'Chat with company' button when you have an application open. This conversation is visible to all deal room members who have access to the funnel step where the company you're chatting with is in. Members with full edit companies access are always notified about new messages from startups and other deal room members are notified only when they have participated in the specific conversation (unless notifications about new chat messages have been disabled by the deal room or the member). Companies always receive chat messages (with full content) on their email as well but have to log in to the platform to respond to them.

How can I see emails I have sent to companies through Dealum?

To see emails that you have sent to a specific company through Dealum, open the 'All actions' menu of that company in your deal room and choose 'View activity log'. In activity log, all emails sent to that company by you and other deal room members are visible.

Can I create templates for sending emails to companies? / How can I create, edit and use email templates for sending emails to companies?

Deal room administrators (deal room members with full settings access) can create and save email templates that can be used for sending emails to companies in the deal room. For creating email templates, go to the deal room Settings, open the 'Preferences' tab and scroll down to the 'Email templates' section. Press 'Add template' and fill in the required fields: template name, subject, message and choose that the template is for communication with a company. Click 'OK' and 'Save' when done editing. You can change the template later in the same section by clicking on the name of the template that you want to edit. To use a template for emailing a company, follow the instructions given in the paragraph above. After pressing 'Send email', you can choose to use a template or start writing an email from scratch. When choosing to use a template, you can still make changes or add text to the email. These changes are applied only to the email you're currently sending and will not be saved in the previously created template. 

How can I notify companies about moving them to the next/another funnel step?

No automatic notifications are sent to companies whose applications you move in your deal room funnel. However, to notify companies about moving them in the funnel or to contact companies when moving them in the funnel, you can turn on application move emails from funnel setup if you click on options menu of the step where you want to turn on application move emails and choose 'Triggers'. You can choose if application move emails are required or optional, meaning you correspondingly can or cannot move applications without sending the companies those applications were submitted by an email. When application move emails are turned on, you will see a popup where you can send an email every time you move company applications to the step where you have turned on application move emails. You can use a template for sending the email or write it from scratch. You can create and edit email templates in deal room preferences. When moving applications, the correct email template will be automatically pre-selected if you have given email templates certain names in the following format: "Move to {funnel step name}" (e.g. Move to Screening). Please keep in mind that the step name should be written exactly as it is in the funnel. Using these email template names allows you to send application move emails with one click only.

How can I send an email to multiple companies at once?

If you move your cursor on a company's logo in the list view, it turns into a checkbox. If you have selected at least one company/application, 'Actions' menu and 'Select all' checkbox become visible on the top of the funnel. After selecting the companies you want to send an email to, choose 'Send email' from the 'Actions' menu.

Can deal room members see companies’ contact info? / How to make companies’ contact info visible to deal room members?

The email address and phone number of company’s primary contact are always visible to members who have 'view companies and create funding rounds' or 'full edit' companies access.

You can make companies’ contact info visible also to members who have 'view companies' or 'view and communicate' companies access by going to your deal room ‘Settings’ > ‘Preferences’ > ‘Deal room’ > ‘Member access to company contact info’ and ticking ‘Show company contact info’. When the setting is turned on, all members having company details or higher access can see the email address and phone number of that company's primary contact.

What is the 'Request more info' action for?

If you are not satisfied with the company's answers to some questions, you can use the 'Request more info' action in the 'All actions' menu of the application (you can open this menu from the 'All actions' button in the application view or from the arrow in the end of the row in the funnel list view). Before sending the request, you should specify which answers need clarification and what information you are missing in them in the optional comment box. After the request is sent, the company will receive an email notification to update their answers. You will also be notified when the company has reacted to the request and updated their information.

This action is also used for requesting more access from a company to their application (e.g. if you have access to company Overview only but you want to request access to company Details as well).

If you have set up a multi-step due diligence process in your deal room, you also need to use the 'Request more info' action to invite companies to answer new questions that are available for them in the funnel step you moved them to.
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