Can I complement company applications with additional information/notes?

I added a company to my deal flow without inviting them. How can I add more information about them?

You can add information to a company application by opening the application and going to 'Edit answers' mode. You can do it by clicking on the pen icon next to the company's name. You will then be able to add additional information to almost every piece of information the company has provided. You can do it by clicking on the plus icon available next to all answers the company has given to your questions (in Overview tab, Details tab and on the right sidebar). You can close the 'Edit answers' mode by clicking on the same button you used for opening it. The company will not see the information that is added to their application in a deal room. This information will be visible only to your deal room members.

If you have added a company to your deal room without inviting them to come to the platform and provide information, you can populate that application with information the same way as described above.

Option to add information to company applications is available to deal room members who have 'Full edit' companies access in the deal room.

What is the 'Request more info' action for?

If you are not satisfied with the company's answers to some questions, you can use the 'Request more info' action in the 'All actions' menu. Before sending the request, you should specify which answers need clarification and what information you are missing in them in the optional comment box. After the request is sent, the company will receive an email notification to update their answers. You will also be notified when the company has reacted to the request and updated their information.

This action is also used for requesting more access from a company to their application (e.g. if you have access to Overview information only but you want to request access to Details information as well).

If you have set up a multi-step due diligence process in your deal room, you also need to use the 'Request more info' action to invite companies to answer new questions that are available for them in the funnel step you moved them to.
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