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Funding round related communication

Why is there a 'Chat with company' option available in the funding tab on some company applications but not on all applications?

'Chat with company' option in the funding tab functions as funding round chat and is meant for discussing funding round related topics between the company and funding round participants. Funding round chat is available only on company applications with a funding round where the funding round has been made visible to the company (company's role is 'Observer' or 'Round lead').

How can I get in touch with the funding round participants?

Lead investors of the funding round and members of the lead deal room(s) who have 'View companies and create funding rounds'/'Full edit' companies access and full activity access can send emails to all funding round participants, all round leads or to selected funding round participant(s) including the company when the funding round is visible to the company. That can be done using the 'Send email' button on the Funding tab. It's possible to write the email from scratch or use an email template.

Templates for funding round emails can be set up by members who have 'Full access' to deal room settings in Settings > Preferences > Email. When setting up a template, make sure you choose that for communication with funding round participants.

How can I get in touch with an investor who has indicated funding interest in a specific company?

You can send an email to the investor who has indicated funding interest in a company when you open their profile by clicking on their profile picture/icon, and choose 'Send email'. This option is available to deal room administrators (members who have full access to deal room settings), investors who have been set as the lead investors, and deal room members who have access to the list of other deal room members

If a funding round has been created for the deal, there's a participants comments section under the Funding tab that is visible to everyone who has access to the specific funding round. Participant comments are not visible to the company.

Updated on: 21/12/2022

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