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Unfinished applications

What are unfinished applications?

When you have an unfinished application to your deal room, it means that a company has started applying to your deal room, but hasn't completed and submitted their application yet and therefore do not count towards your deal room's application limit. Data about such companies (except for their brand/trade name) will not be visible to you until they have filled in all the required fields and submitted their application. If you believe that a company has forgot to finish their application and you're interested in receiving it, you can send the company a reminder to complete their application by using the "Send reminder" action.

Unfinished applications are hidden in the funnel by default. If there are any unfinished applications in a funnel step, you will see a "Show unfinished" button at the top of the applications list view. When you have made the unfinished applications visible in your funnel, you can hide them again using the "Hide unfinished" button.

Unfinished applications cannot be moved around in your funnel. You can only either permanently delete them or send the applicant a reminder. Unfinished applications that have been abandoned for a longer period of time will be automatically deleted.

What to do if I don't want to see unfinished applications in my deal room?

If you don’t want to see unfinished applications in your funnel, then:
go to Settings
navigate to the Links tab
untick “Show companies that have started applying to this step but have not finished yet”
hit the Save button at the bottom of the screen

This setting applies to all of your current and future application links.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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