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Round lead rights

How to give a deal room member round lead rights for managing funding interests on a specific company application? / How to give a funding round participant round lead rights for managing the funding round?

You can do it when you open the corresponding company application, go to the 'Funding' tab and open the additional actions menu of the funding interest of the member you want to make the round lead.

From the menu, choose 'Edit' and tick the 'Lead investor' checkbox in the dialogue that opens. Click 'Set interest' to save the changes.

What rights does the round lead have?

If you make a funding round participant a round lead, they can edit the funding interests on the company application, despite whether a funding round has been created or not. They can add funding interests on behalf of other investors, update the amounts and tags of added funding interests, remove funding interests, change the visibility of names and amounts of funding round participants to other members and make other participants round leads or remove their round lead status.

If a funding round has not been created yet, the round lead is also able to create a funding round and edit its details.

When a funding round has been created, the round lead can manage funding round documents, view the funding round’s activity log, delete participant comments, send emails to funding round participants, edit the funding round’s details (such as the round type and target, private mode, visibility of funding interests to the company and in other deal rooms and more) and share the funding round to invite more participants.

Updated on: 29/11/2022

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