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Adding your deal room's company application link to your web page

You can find all company application links you have activated in your deal room when you go to deal room settings > Links and scroll down to the “Company application” section.

Find the link of the funnel step where you want to receive applications from your website. You can copy the link using the "Copy link" button next to the link.

You can embed this link into your website or ask your web developers to do it.

Make sure you copy the application link not the preview link. Companies cannot apply to your deal room on the preview link.

If you cannot find a link for the step where you want to receive applications, you have to first activate it. To do that:
go to deal room settings
open the Preferences tab
cluck on “Funnel” in the Setup section
open the actions menu of the funnel step you want to activate an application link for
choose “Application link”
tick the “Application link active” checkbox
configure any other properties of the link if you wish
click “OK”
click “Save” at the bottom of the screen

You can copy the new application link from the same dialogue where you set it up or from deal room settings > Links.

You can also configure the intro and outro page shown on the application link if you wish. You can find instructions for it here.

Updated on: 16/03/2023

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