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Performing an action with multiple company applications in the funnel at once

You can multi-select company applications in any funnel step to perform different actions with selected applications.

If you move your cursor on a company's logo in the list view, it turns into a checkbox. If you have selected at least one company application, 'Actions' menu and 'Select all' checkbox become visible on the top of the funnel.

The actions menu allows you to:
Email selected companies (available when only for applications that are connected to a company account on Dealum are selected, not available for unfinished applications or applications of companies that have not been invited to deal room/have not accepted the invitation to apply)
Move selected applications to next/a different funnel step
Archive selected applications
Request more info from selected companies
Move selected applications to a follow up type of step
Edit tags of selected applications
Export basic information of selected applications
Mark all selected applications as read or unread
Invite selected companies to deal room (available when only applications of companies who have not been invited to apply to the deal room are selected)
Resend an invitation to apply to selected companies (available when only applications of companies who have been invited to apply but have not accepted the invite are selected)
Send reminders to finish the application (available when only unfinished applications are selected)
Remove selected applications from the deal room permanently (available only in archive type of steps or when only unfinished applications are selected in another type of step)
Add selected applications to another deal room (available only if you have full edit companies access in multiple deal rooms)
Set payment plan and date to selected applications (available only if Stripe integration is activated in your deal room)
Request payment from companies whose applications you've selected (available when only applications a payment plan has been assigned to are selected)

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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