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Deleting company applications from your deal room

How can I delete or remove a company application from my deal room?

Company applications cannot be deleted directly from the funnel. If you want to delete a company application, you first have to move it to an archive type of funnel step. To remove the application from an archive type of step:
navigate to the step you moved the application to
find the application
open the ‘All actions’ menu
choose ‘Remove permanently’

If you'd like to permanently delete multiple applications at once, you can also multi-select those applications in an archive type of funnel step and choose 'Remove permanently' from the actions menu that appears on top of the funnel.

You can also remove applications that are in non-archive type of funnel steps permanently from your deal room when you open the "All actions" menu connected to the application, hold down the CTRL/Command key and choose "Remove permanently" (this option will appear in place of the "Archive application" action). The described shortcut works the same way with multi-select.

We recommend deleting older rejected applications from your deal room regularly to ensure the best possible system performance and speed.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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