How can I export the company applications that I have in my deal room? How can I export contact details of companies I have in my deal room?

Only members who have full access to deal room settings can export data. To export information about companies in your deal room, go to your deal room Settings and open the ‘Export / Import’ tab. There you have an option to download Excel with all companies in deal room. The export will include contact details of companies as well as some other basic information about them and their application (mainly information that is visible in the table view in Funnel).

You can also export basic information of (selected) company applications that are in a specific funnel step. For that, open that funnel step, multi-select relevant or all company applications and choose 'Export companies' from the 'Actions' menu on top of the funnel.

Can I export the summary of funding interests marked in my deal room by members?

You can export the funding report of your deal room as an Excel when you go to the 'Export / Import' tab in your deal room Settings. This option is available only to deal room members who have access to deal room settings. In the report, you can see which deal room members have indicated investment interest in which companies and in what amounts.

You can also export only the funding results from company applications in a specific funnel step. For that, go to that step, open the menu from the arrow in the right top corner of the funnel and choose 'Export funding results of {step name}'.
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