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Adding tags to company applications

Only members who have full edit companies access can add tags to applications.

Tags are useful for adding keywords and other short pieces of information to applications in your funnel for quick overview and filtering. To use tags, you need to have this functionality turned on in your deal room settings.

To enable/disable tags:
go to deal room settings
open the Preferences tab
in the Setup section scroll down to "Application and member tags"
tick/untick "Enable tags"
click "Save" at the bottom of the screen

When tags are enabled, you can also set up a predefined list of application tags you want to use in your deal room. For that, scroll down to "Application tags" and click on the "Edit" button.

When you or your team members start adding tags to an application, they can choose tags from the list as well as add tags that are not included in the predefined list.

It is possible to add tags to an application in the funnel list view (in the Tags column) as well as in the company application view (from the "Tags" section on the right sidebar).

You can set up the desired order of predefined tags with drag-and-drop to easily access frequently used tags or you can order tags directly in the funnel.

If the tags column is not visible, you might have removed it from your funnel view. Read more about configuring your funnel view from this article.

You can also add tags to multiple company applications at once in the funnel list view. To do that:
select the applications you want to add a tag to
open the Actions menu that appears on top of the funnel
choose "Edit tags"
add desired tags
click "Save"

You can also remove tags from multiple company applications at once the same way.

Tags you add to an application are visible to all deal room members who can see that application in the deal room.

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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