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Configuring the funnel list view

You can choose which columns are displayed in the funnel list view by opening the menu from the arrow in the top right corner of your funnel and choosing "Select columns".

Tick the columns that you want to see in your funnel in the dialogue that opens and close the dialogue by pressing "Save".

Choices you make in this dialogue affect only your own user account in the browser you’re using at the time of making the choices. Your choices apply to the funnel list view in all deal rooms you’re a member of.

Please note that if information for some column(s) is not available in some funnel steps, those columns will automatically be hidden in such steps. Some columns may also be hidden when you’re using Dealum on a small screen/in a small window and there is not enough space to display all selected information.

Here’s what the checkboxes in the "Select columns" dialogue mean:
Tasks assigned — shows deal room members who have been assigned to work with the application/have been assigned tasks related to the application. Available only if application tasks are enabled in the deal room.
Tags — shows tags added to the application. Available only if application and member tags are enabled in the deal room.
Your vote — shows the vote(s) you have given to each application. Available only if voting is activated in the funnel step and you’re a voting member or have access to voting results.
Voting progress — shows how many votes the application has received of total possible votes from voting members. Available only if voting is activated in the funnel step and you have access to voting results.
Voting results — shows the voting results if you are allowed to see them. Available only if voting is activated in the funnel step.
Location — shows the city and country the company is based in.
One-liner — shows the company's one-liner.
Source — shows where applications came from. Available only in the Inbox type of step.
Portfolio round — shows a link to the first round connected to the specific application in your portfolio. Available only in the Complete type of step.
Date — shows the date of your choice related to the application (see more below).

The "Select column" dialogue shows you only columns that are available in the funnel step you opened it in.

The options you can choose between for the Date column are:
Added to the deal room (column header "Date added") — the date the application first appeared in your deal room.
Added to the step (column header "Date moved") — the date the application was moved to the funnel step it is currently in.
Submitted by the company (column header "Date submitted") — the date the company submitted the application to your deal room.
Last reviewed by the company (column header "Date reviewed") — the date the company last reviewed or updated their application (it means that the company went through the "Company application update" wizard and clicked "Complete" at the end).
Access revoked (column header "Date revoked") — the date the company chose to lock information on this application and prevent it from showing future changes in their profile information. You can read more about it here.
Information locked (column header "Date locked") — the date you locked the application for changes in your deal room.

Updated on: 18/09/2023

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