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Locking company changes

What does the "Lock company changes" action do?

The “Lock company changes” action is available in the All actions menu of company applications to deal room members who have full edit access to companies.

This action allows you to lock the current state of application information. It means that:
The company will not be able to update the application.
When they update answers to any questions in their profile, the changes they make will not become visible in your deal room. Instead, you will see the information that had been provided at the time of locking the application for changes.

This action can be reversed by using the "Unlock company changes" action which appears in the All actions menu of locked applications.

Please note that the company will also see their application status as "changes locked" when you have locked their application for changes (unless it's stored in a complete or archive type of funnel step).

All applications you move to an archive type of funnel step are automatically locked. If you want any companies to be able to make changes to their archived applications, you have to unlock the corresponding application after you have moved it to an archive type of step.

Updated on: 21/04/2023

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