How to create an event for my deal room members?

To create an event, open the 'Events' tab in your deal room and click 'Add Event'. Name your event and set the start date and time. Optionally, you can add the end date and time, location, link to the location, event description and attach files as well as include the list of participating companies from a specific funnel step or you can choose companies one by one.

It is possible to set the maximum number of participants. When the participants limit is reached, no more ‘attending’ responses will be accepted. There is also an option to track physical and online participation separately for hybrid events. When using that option, your members will be able to indicate whether they are planning to attend in person or online.

When you're done with entering the event information, click 'Save'. Note that no automatic invitations will be sent to people in the guest list by creating an event. 

You can learn more about creating an event from this video.

How to create a private event for only some deal room members?

If you tick the 'Limit event visibility to participants only' box, only deal room members who are selected as participants will be able to see the event.
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