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Sending invitations/reminders/messages to event participants and updating attendance statuses

How to send invitations, reminders and messages to event participants?

You can send invitations to members or companies whom you’ve selected as event participants immediately when setting up the event or later. To send invitations immediately, tick the ‘Send invitations immediately’ checkbox in the dialogue where you are choosing participating members or participating companies.

If you have chosen not to send invitations immediately, you can send invitations later when you open the additional actions menu of the event and choose ‘Send email / invitation’. In the dialogue that opens, you can choose whether you want to send invitations to only members or companies or to both. You should choose to send invitations to those who ‘Have not received an invite’. Other status options allow you to send follow up invitations to those who have not answered about their attendance yet or send emails to members who have indicated that they are attending/attending online (if this option has been allowed for the event)/maybe attending/not attending the event.

When you add more members to the participants list of the event later, you can also send them invitations using the option ‘Have not received an invite’.

Below in the dialogue, you are also able to edit the invitation email content or replace it with a regular informative message if you need to send one to the (potential) attendees. You can also use a pre-created template for sending an invitation or a message. For that, click on the ‘Template’ button and choose a template from the list. You can read more about event email templates below.

When you update any information about the event, it is recommended to send participants a new invite or an email about the changes. When you update the time, location or location link of the event, the system also asks if you would like to send an updated calendar invite to those members who have added the event to their personal calendar. You can trigger the updated calendar invite by choosing ‘Yes’.

Please note that Dealum event invitation and the calendar invitation members can send to themselves are two separate things. The latter sends an .ics file on their email allowing them to save the event information to any calendar application they are using.

How to set up email templates for sending invitations and emails to event participants?

You can set up email templates for sending invitations and emails to event participants (members added to the participants list) in deal room Settings > Preferences > Email.

When you’re creating a template, make sure you choose it’s for communication with event participants.

When you create a template named “Invite”, it will be shown as the default email when you start sending event invitations/emails.

How can I RSVP to events on behalf of other members?

Members who have full events access in the deal room can mark a response about attendance on behalf of anyone in the event’s participants list. For that, open the event, navigate to the members tab, open the menu from the three dots next to the member’s name and choose a relevant response

Updated on: 20/04/2022

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