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Deal room dashboard

You can choose which member groups have the right to manage or view the dashboard when you go to Members > Edit groups and configure Dashboard access.

The dashboard is the first thing your members see when they open your deal room (unless their access to dashboard is disabled). You can think of the deal room dashboard as a news feed of your deal room. It allows you to share textual updates with deal room members and optionally add attachments. Rich text editor is available for formatting the text. The following type of attachments can be added:
Company – allows you to share any company applications you have in the deal room on the dashboard and add some text (e.g. a description or an announcement).
Event – allows you to share any deal room events on the dashboard and add some text.
Video link – allows you to share links to videos. If you’re sharing a YouTube, Vimeo or Loom video, it will be embedded (unless settings of the specific video restrict it).
Image – allows you to share images.
Document - allows you to share documents.

You can add multiple attachments to a single post. They can also be different types of attachments.

Members can interact with updates by liking them or commenting on them. The post's author and members who have previously commented receive notifications about new comments.

It’s also possible to start discussions on the dashboard in the Discussions tab.

Additionally, you can add important information or a welcome message for new members to the right sidebar of the dashboard. The sidebar can also be used for storing any important documents or links you want to give your members easy and quick access to.

Updated on: 05/07/2024

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