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Communicating with deal room members

Is it possible to have an internal discussion about a company between deal room members? What is the 'Comments' section on company applications about and who can see it?

You can have an internal discussion between your deal room members about each company in your funnel. For that, you have to open a company application in the deal room and go to 'Comments' tab. The comments your deal room members leave there are not visible to the company under discussion or any other parties on Dealum except your deal room members.

How to create a discussion between members that would not be connected to any company application or funding round?

You can start a discussion between any members or member groups of your choice on deal room dashboard. For that, navigate to the Discussions tab on Dashboard and choose ‘Start a discussion’.

You can add participants to the discussion by searching for them one by one by entering their names. Alternatively, you can choose relevant participants from the members list of the deal room by clicking Select > Individual members. You can also use the ‘Select’ button to add member groups to the discussion.

You can make the discussion private by ticking the ‘Private’ checkbox, meaning the discussion will be visible only to members who are participants of the specific discussion and members who have ‘Full access’ to deal room dashboard.

As the next step, you have to define the subject of the discussion and write the first message. After that, you can click on ‘Create’ and a new discussion thread will be created.

All participants receive in-app notifications about new messages in the discussion unless you have turned off these notifications in your deal room’s notifications setup or a specific participant has turned them off in their personal notifications preferences.

Discussions can be started by any member who has access to the deal room dashboard. A discussion’s privacy can be controlled and messages can be deleted by the member who started the discussion or by any member with ‘Full access’ to deal room dashboard.

Members who have access to deal room dashboard can see all discussions that are not private and can join them if they’re not in the participants list yet. When a member sends a message in a discussion they have not joined, they will automatically be added to its participants list. Members can leave any discussions by removing themselves from the participants list, except discussions where the member group they belong to has been added as a participant. Members can edit messages they send in discussions within 15 minutes after posting and delete them anytime.

How to send emails to deal room members?

Deal room members who have full edit access to the members list can send emails to one or multiple members of the deal room.

To send an email to one member, open the additional actions menu of the member and choose 'Send email'.

To send an email to multiple members, it is possible to use multi-select or apply filters and select all members that match the active filters. When multiple members are selected, choose 'Send email' from the 'Actions' menu on top of the members list to send an email. Please note that it's not possible to send emails to people in your members list who have not joined your deal room yet.

Deal room members who have right to only view the members list can email only one member at a time (read more below).

How can I create, edit and use email templates for sending emails to deal room members?

Deal room administrators (deal room members with full settings access) can create and save email templates that can be used for sending emails to deal room members. For creating email templates, go to the deal room Settings, open the 'Preferences' tab and scroll down to the 'Email templates' section. Press 'Add template' and fill in the required fields: template name, subject, message and choose that the template is for communication with a member. Click 'OK' and 'Save' when done editing. You can change the template later in the same section by clicking on the name of the template that you want to edit. To use a template for emailing your members, follow the instructions given in the paragraph above. After pressing 'Send email', you can choose to use a template or start writing an email from scratch. When choosing to use a template, you can still make changes or add text to the email. These changes are applied only to the email you're currently sending and will not be saved in the previously created template.

How can I see emails sent to my deal room members from Dealum?

Only members who have full access to deal room settings, can see emails sent to deal room members. To see emails sent to a member through Dealum, go to ‘Members’, open the actions menu (an arrow pointing down at the end of the row) of the specific member and choose ‘Related activity log’.

How can I get in touch with other members (investors, admins etc) in the deal room I'm a member of?

If you would like to email someone who is part of the same deal room as you, you can do it by going to the 'Members' section, opening the profile of the member you want to contact, and choosing 'Send email' from the right top corner of their profile. This option is available only when the list of other deal room members is visible to you.

How can I share a company to other investors in the deal room?

You can recommend a company to other deal room members by opening the 'All actions' menu of the application of the company you want to recommend and choosing 'Share'. Use the search bar of the 'Send to deal room member' section to find the investor(s) whom you want to recommend the company.

If members in the deal room also have investor profiles, the system automatically recommends members who might be interested in the specific company in the dialogue where you can share the company to other deal room members. Recommendations are based on the match between the company application and interests of the investor.

When you share a company application to a member, they receive a notification stating you suggested they should take a look at that application.

You can see which members you have sent the company application to from the application's activity log.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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