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Tracking member activity

How can I track member activity in my deal room?

There are a few ways to track member activity in your deal room.

Member activity labels

In the members' list, there is an 'Activity' column where you can view activity labels indicating how active a member has been in the last 4 weeks.

This label is shown next to members who have joined the deal room.

Last active date

There is also an option to view the date the member was last active in the members list. To access this information, open the menu by clicking on the three dots and click on 'Select columns'. From there, choose 'Date last active'.

Please note that the displayed date reflects the last time the member was online in Dealum, regardless of whether they visited your deal room.

Configuring your columns only impacts your personal view and does not affect the entire deal room.

Member export

It’s also possible to export information about your deal room members. In the member export, you can see both the activity label and the last active date of the member.

Active members in Statistics

Members with full access to deal room settings (usually admins) can see the number of members that were active in the chosen time period in the ‘Active members’ tab on the Statistics page.

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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