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Deal room members with ‘full edit access’ to members can attach documents to the profile of any member by opening it from the members list and navigating to the documents tab. They can decide for each document whether they want it to be visible also to the member it is connected to or keep it internal. It is possible to organize member documents into folders and have them signed — document management works the same way as everywhere else in Dealum.

How can I share documents with my deal room members privately?

You can upload documents for your members privately the same way as described in the paragraph above. You have to make sure that you tick the ‘Member can see the file’ checkbox when adding a document.

Documents that you add for the member will be visible to the member and other members who have ‘full edit access’ to members in your deal room (usually only admins).

How can members share documents with deal room managers/admins privately?

Members can share documents with you when they open your deal room, navigate to the Members section and find themselves from the members list.

If members don’t have access to the members list in your deal room, they should navigate to the Membership section instead.

When they open their profile, they will see a Documents tab where they can upload relevant documents there/add links to documents they want to share. Documents members add are visible only to those deal room members who have ‘full edit access’ to members in your deal room (usually only admins).

Updated on: 05/09/2023

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