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Adding deal room members and collecting member applications

How to add network members or investment partners, team members and other people to my deal room?
How to collect member applications? How to view the profiles of deal room members?

How to add network members or investment partners, team members and other people to my deal room?

Adding members one by one
To add members to your deal room:
navigate to the Members page from the left-side menu
click on "Add Member" at the top of the members list
fill in the required fields (email, first name) and any other information you wish and choose which access group you want to add the new member to
optionally, add an additional message to the member that will be included in the invitation email they will receive
click "Save"

If you don't want to send an invite to the member immediately, you can untick the "Send invitation to member" checkbox before clicking on "Save". If you do that, you can send the member an invitation later at any point in time by using the "Invite to deal room" action available in the members list next to the member.

Invited members can join your deal room by going on the invitation link in the invitation email. 

Using member application link
If you need to invite a large number of team members, you don't have to add them one by one. Instead, you can send them a dedicated link for joining the deal room. To find the link:
go to deal room settings
open the Links tab
scroll down to the Member application section
copy the link of the member group you want to invite them to join
send the link to relevant members

If you cannot find the link for a group you have created:
navigate to the Members page from the left-side menu
open the menu from the arrow in the right top corner of your members list
choose "Groups setup"
in Application link column, click on "Disabled" for the group you want to activate an application link for
tick the "Application link active" checkbox (you can copy the link that appears from the same window if you wish)
click "OK"
click "Save" at the bottom of the window

Importing members from an Excel
You could also import a large number of members. For importing deal room members:
go to the deal room Settings
open Export / Import tab
locate the Import section
upload an Excel file with the list of your members

The file must include separate columns for: first name, last name, email, access. Access refers to the member group you want to add the person to.

Example of the import file
After importing members, you need to send them invitations from the Members page. If you don't want to send the invites one by one, you can use the status filter "Not invited", select all members that match the filer and choose "Invite to deal room" from the Actions menu that appears on top of the members list.

You can learn more about adding and managing members from this video.

How to collect member applications? How to view the profiles of deal room members?

To collect applications from potential members (who are interested in joining my investor group/network), you can set up a separate member group for them that would have no access to company applications in the deal room or other internal deal room data. It's also recommended to tick the "Investor profile" requirement for that group. After receiving and reviewing a profile of a potential member, you can move them to a member group that has access to the deal room content.

Please note that members do not receive notifications about being moved to a different access group. Admins should notify the members themselves if needed.

To put a link for joining your deal room on your website, activate and copy the application link of the relevant member group (by following the instructions above under #2). When the application link is active, you can also preview the member application form using the link ("Preview the application form") that appears in the same Application link dialogue.

Do not share the preview link with potential members. Share the application link.

If the "Investor profile" checkbox is ticked for a specific member group in Member groups setup, then people who're joining that member group are required to create an investor profile. Their profiles include information about their investment background/experience and investment interests. You can also ask them to provide other kind of additional information. To set up a custom application form for a certain member group, please get in touch with your account manager.

You can view the profiles of your deal room members when you go to the Members page in your deal room and click on member names.

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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