What is an investor profile?

Investor profile is a collection of information about your background, investment history and interests and other related data which is attached to your personal deal room and is visible in the deal room you’re a member of.

When you are joining a deal room where an investor profile is required, you (or the organization you invest as) will be created a deal room which functions as your investor profile. If you already have your own deal room where you have admin rights (full settings access), you can use your existing deal room as your investor profile. Each deal room that requires its members to have investor profiles, may require a slightly different set of profile information. The information you submit to a specific deal room will be visible to members with ‘full edit’ members access and possibly to any other members of that deal room, depending on the configuration used in the deal room. For more information about visibility in the specific deal room, please contact the management of the organization the deal room belongs to.

How can I update my investor profile that is visible in a deal room?

You can update your investor profile by opening the deal room where you want to update it, going to 'Members' tab, clicking on your name and choosing 'Update profile'.

If the ‘Update profile’ button is not available on your profile, it means that investor profiles are not turned on for the access group you belong to in that deal room. You can update your contact information, such as primary email and phone from your personal settings. You can go to personal settings from the menu that opens by clicking on your profile picture in the right upper corner of your screen.

If there is no ‘Members’ section in the deal room, it means that you have not been given access to the members list of the deal room. If you have submitted an investor profile to such deal room, you can update your investor profile by opening the personal deal room you were created from your home view and going to deal room Settings > Profile. Any updates you make there will become visible in your investor profile.
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