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Visibility of your deal room, deal room members and companies in the deal room

Who can see my deal room on Dealum?
What information can companies see about my deal room?
Who can see (the profiles of) my deal room members?
Who can see companies that apply to my deal room?

Who can see my deal room on Dealum?

People who approach you using the company or member application link of your deal room. They can correspondingly apply to your deal room with a company profile, or join your deal room by becoming a member of it.
Those whom you have invited to apply with a company profile or join as a member.
If you have shared the link to your deal room profile, anyone with that link can also see overview of your deal room.
When you have activated deal room discoverability, companies whose profiles match with your deal room’s interests might also see your deal room among suggestions of deal rooms to apply to.

Your deal room is not discoverable through any search engine or searchable on the platform.

What information can companies see about my deal room?

Companies can never see any content of your deal room.

They can only:
see and answer application form questions you have asked from them
see and reply to discussion messages your members have sent them
see your deal room events you have invited them to (without seeing the participants list)
see funding round information you have decided to share with them
see your deal room's cover image and view your deal room profile when they have submitted an application to your deal room or your deal room appears among their discoverability recommendations
see high level status of the application(s) they have submitted to your deal room

Who can see (the profiles of) my deal room members?

Visibility inside the deal room
Deal room admins (members who have full access to deal room settings) can control:
which member groups have access to the members list
which other member groups they can see in the members list
what level of profile information they can see about members in different groups

You can read more about how it can be configured here.

Members in member groups that do not have access to deal room’s members list/specific member groups can still see the names of other deal room members who comment on deals, mark funding interest in deals (unless they choose to remain anonymous) or send messages in discussions. In that case, their names are visible next to their comment/message/funding interest.

Visibility on the platform
Your deal room members are not searchable by companies or other deal rooms and their members. However, there are a few exceptions:
If your deal room member is also a member of some other deal rooms, then the members of those deal rooms might be able to see his/her contact details and investor profile.
If the member has a personal deal room and gets a subscription for it, he/she is able to make his/her deal room visible to companies on the platform and can receive applications from them.
If a funding round is made visible to the company, company members can also see the names or names and contact info of your deal room members who are participating in the funding round if configured so.
If you share a funding round with other deal rooms, you can configure for each funding round how much information about your deal room members who have indicated investment interest in the round is visible in other deal rooms the funding round is shared with.

Who can see companies that apply to my deal room?

Other deal rooms the company has applied to
If the company has submitted applications to several organizations (e.g. different funds, investor groups) that use Dealum for managing their deal flow, their applications are visible to all those organizations (each organization can only see the application/dataset that was submitted specifically to them).

If a company’s profile matches with the criteria (interests) of some deal rooms that have made themselves visible to companies on the platform, the company can see those deal rooms under their profile as recommendations. The company is able to submit applications to recommended deal rooms.

Individuals who have the shareable company page link
Each company also has a short shareable company page (with a link) which can be shared with any external parties by the company itself or any members of your deal room or other deal rooms the company has applied to. Shareable company page link can be found by choosing ‘Share’ from the 'All actions' menu of a company application.

Companies that apply to your deal room are not searchable in Dealum by other investors or deal rooms on the platform.

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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