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How to join an organization's deal room as an investor

You can join investor group's deal room by using the application link or an email invitation. Links are often found on the organization's website, and emails are sent as invitations directly to you.

Once you have clicked on the link one way or the other, you will be directed to the application intro page. There, you will see an intro text provided by the organization, and if you decide to continue, you will have two options: "Log in to Dealum account" or "Create new account"

Choose Log in to Dealum account if you already have an account on Dealum. One account can be part of multiple deal rooms
Choose Create new account if you do not have an account on Dealum.

Some deal rooms might require you to fill out a member application after you've logged in or created an account.

Creating a new account

As part of the sign up process, you would need to enter name, email and password.
Alternatively, you can sign up using Google or LinkedIn.

Once you've created an account, you can be taken to filling out your member application (read below), or to a confirmation screen, with the option to go to your Home page or to the deal room you've joined.

Logging in to Dealum account

Log in using the way you created your account:
log in with email + password
log in with Google
log in with LinkedIn

Once you've logged in, you can be taken to filling out your member application (read below), or to a confirmation screen, with the option to go to your Home page or to the deal room you've joined.

Please note that if you feel like you've not connected to the right account, it is because you have multiple accounts, or have created an account using another method like Google or LinkedIn. Please contact our support team to help you sort out your accounts.

Filling out member application / creating investor profile

Some organizations collect member applications before giving full access to the deal room, and others collect member applications to create investor profiles for their members. A filled out member application turns into your investor profile once accepted into the deal room.

If you do not see the option to go to your Home page or to the deal room you've joined as shown before, you will instead need to start creating your investor profile.

First step is to choose if you are representing just yourself, or another organization like a Fund as an investor:

Filling the form should follow the logic of this choice - either you provide your own personal investment data, or the data about your firm or fund.

You will be required to fill out a 'Deal room name'. It should be the name of the entity that is investing (e.g Super Ventures). In case you are investing as an individual, use your name (e.g. Jason Smith).

This will create your personal deal room that will hold the information about your investment interests, history and background - your investor profile.

If you receive the error message 'This name is already in use', please make sure that you don't have an existing user account or that any of your colleagues have not already created a profile using the same entity. If there already is a profile (deal room) created by someone, please ask them to invite you to join and use it as your personal profile. If not sure, please contact our support for information!

The “personal details” step should be filled out about yourself as an individual and the information there will be connected to your user account, not investor profile.

If you need to leave an application unfinished, you can do so without any loss of data. Your provided answers are all saved by clicking "Next" or "Back" when filling the application. Answers for the unfinished tabs from which you have not moved back or forward from will not be saved, as such command (Back/Next) was not given. You can continue the application by going back to the invitation email or application link and using the personal deal room you already created.

After submitting the application, you can update information by following instructions here.

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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