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Primary email address of your account and how to change it (investors)

What is primary email?

Primary email address is the email you choose to receive all Dealum-related emails, like notifications (according to your given settings) and invitations. It is also shown as your contact email on your investor profile and/or deal room members' list (depending on deal room settings).

If you are the primary contact of the deal room, all administrative emails (like billing) will also be sent to your primary email.

How do I change my primary email?

You can change the primary email address of your account under "Personal settings".

To do so, please follow these steps:
Click your profile icon/picture in the top right corner
Select "Personal settings"
In the Profile section, find Email addresses
Click "Add email" and write the new email in the text box
Click "Save"
You'll receive a confirmation email on the new address
Open the link in the email to verify the address
After confirmation, you'll be taken to "Personal settings" again
Click "Make primary" on the new email
Click "Save"

After you've added another email (or emails), you can use any email under your personal account as the email used for logging in, regardless of the email being your primary email.

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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