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Configuring the Members page list view

You can choose which columns are displayed in the member list view by opening the menu from the three dots in the top right corner of your member list and choosing "Select columns".

In the popup view, tick the columns that you want to see in your member list. Don't forget to click “Save” when you’ve made your selection.

The choices you make in this dialogue affect only your own user account in the browser you’re using at the time of making the choices. Your choices apply to the member list view in all deal rooms you’re a member of.

Some columns may also be hidden when you’re using Dealum on a small screen/in a small window and there is not enough space to display all selected information.

Here’s what the checkboxes in the "Select columns" dialogue mean:
Contact info -— displays the member’s email and phone number (if they have provided it).
Tags (and notes) -— shows tags (and notes to members with member editing permissions) added to the member. Available only if application and member tags are enabled in the deal room.
Investment size -— indicates the amount the member usually invests or is willing to invest in one startup.
Round size -— indicates the size of the funding rounds raised by companies the member is willing to (co-)invest in.
Access -— shows which access group the member belongs to.
Date -— shows the date of your choice related to the member (see more below).

The options members with member editing access can choose between for the Date column are:
Last active (column header “Last active”) -— the date and time the member was last online in Dealum, regardless of whether the member visited this deal room.
Added to the deal room (column header “Date added”) -— the date the person was added to the deal room's members list.
Joined with the deal room (column header “Date joined”) -— the date the member accepted the invitation to join or submitted their application to the deal room.
Profile last reviewed by the member (column header “Profile reviewed”) -— the date the member last reviewed or updated their investor profile.

Updated on: 28/11/2023

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