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Deal room statistics

Can I see statistics about my deal flow? How to use the Statistics feature in my deal room?

When you open ‘Statistics’ in your deal room, you can see statistics about:

applications that are currently in your deal room (in ‘All applications’ tab)
how many applications have passed through your funnel steps in chosen time period (in ‘Funnel’ tab)
actions (commenting, sending an email to company, requesting more info, moving application in funnel) done with applications in chosen time period (in ‘Actions’ tab)
deal room members’ interests (in ‘Members’ tab)
how interests of your deal room members compare to companies in your deal flow (in ‘Members interests vs Companies’ tab)
how many members have joined and left (or removed from) your deal room in chosen time period (in ‘New/Left members’ tab)

It’s possible to segment data by different characteristics and apply different filters on displayed statistics.

Statistics are visible only to members who have full access to deal room settings. If you have access to deal room Settings but cannot see Statistics in your deal room, it means that the feature is not activated in your deal room. To get the feature activated, please contact our support.

Updated on: 29/11/2022

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