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How to use rich text editor

What can I do with rich text editor?
Keyboard shortcuts and autoformats you can use

What can I do with rich text editor?

Please note that not all mentioned features are available everywhere. Each text box will show you the available options at the bottom.

With rich text editor, you can have the option to:
make text bold
make text italic
apply title style (larger, bold text)
insert text or link as hyperlink
upload files to accompany your message
insert images into text
use tags for auto-filling information

"Tags" in rich text editor are simple codes that can search for a value and autofill it for each viewer. For example, {{ firstName }} will show as the first name of the user who sees the text outside of editor view.

Keyboard shortcuts and autoformats you can use

You can use the following shortcuts on your keyboard in Dealum rich text editor:
BoldCTRL + B⌘ + B
ItalicCTRL + I⌘ + I
Text to hyperlinkhighlight text + CTRL + Khighlight text + ⌘ + K
Apply title styleCTRL + ALT + 1⌘ + OPTION + 1
Apply normal styleCTRL + ALT + 0⌘ + OPTION + 0
Add imageCTRL + U⌘ + U
Select allCTRL + A⌘ + A
UndoCTRL + Z⌘ + Z
RedoCTRL + Y⌘ + SHIFT + Z
CopyCTRL + C⌘ + C
CutCTRL + X⌘ + X
PasteCTRL + V⌘ + V
Paste without formattingCTRL + SHIFT + V⌘ + SHIFT + V

There are also autocorrect (autoformat) options available:
Windows & Mac
Create bullet point* and -, followed by space
Em dash (—)-- (2 dashes)
Undo last autoformatbackspace (right after format)

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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