How can I change the contact person of my company?

To set someone as the primary contact person of your company, they first have to:
be added as your team member and be given Admin rights
accept the invitation to join your company on Dealum

To change the contact person of you company, please open your company profile and go to 'Settings'. In the 'Contact person' section, choose 'Change' and select new contact person for your company. After that, click 'Save and publish' to save the changes. 

I am the contact person of my company. How can I change my name or my contact information on my company profile?

You can change your name and contact details when you go to ‘Personal Settings’ from the menu in the right upper corner. If you want to change the email address displayed on your company profile, you need to change the primary email address associated with your account. You can do it by adding an additional email address, confirming it and then making it your primary email. You will be able to use the added email address for logging in to your account as well.  
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