In the funding tab you can create a new funding round. You can share the funding round you've created with investors you know via email or use a shareable link. If deal room(s) have joined the funding round, it is possible to use funding round chat as a communication channel between your team members and investors. Your funding round can be published to a deal room only when the deal room has made submitting an application with funding round possible. If you submit your application with funding round, you will automatically have a round lead status, in which case you can also send emails to funding round participants, upload funding round documents, edit the list of participating investors and their commitments.

Deal rooms where you’ve submitted an application without a funding round can also create a funding round for your application. They can keep it hidden from you and work on it internally or make the funding round visible to you. If they give you the right to observe the funding round, it’s up to the deal room how much information about the funding round they share with you. You are able to get in touch with the funding round participants through the funding round chat. The deal room can also give you the round lead status.
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