What is the Funding section about?

In the funding section you can create a new funding round. You can share the funding round you've created with investors you know via email or use a shareable link. Your funding round can be published to a deal room you apply to only when the deal room has made submitting an application with a funding round possible. If the funding round is created by you (whether in the funding section or while submitting an application), you will have the round lead rights in the funding round.

Deal rooms where you’ve submitted an application without a funding round can also create a funding round for your application. They can keep it hidden from you and work on it internally or make the funding round visible to you. If they give you the right to observe the funding round, it’s up to the deal room how much information about the funding interests added by their investors they share with you. You are able to get in touch with the funding round participants through the funding round chat, upload or link funding round documents and add information about investors who have already committed to the funding round. The deal room can also give you the round lead rights if they wish.

With the round lead rights, you can also send emails to the funding round participants, edit the list of participating investors and their commitments, edit funding round details and share the funding round with any investors via email or shareable funding round link.

How to add funding round documents?

If a deal room has asked you to upload funding round documents, open your company profile from your home view and navigate to the Funding section.

Open the funding round and you will see a Documents section where you can upload documents and add links to documents.

If you don’t see any funding rounds in the Funding section, please ask the deal room to make the funding round visible to you first.

How to send emails to funding round participants?

You can email funding round participants only when you have the round lead rights. If you don’t have necessary rights, please use the funding round chat to reach out to funding round participants.
To send an email to funding round participants open your company from your home view, navigate to the Funding section and open the funding round by clicking on its name. You should see a ‘Send email’ button under the funding round. When you start sending an email, you have to choose whether it will be sent to chosen funding round participants (use the option ‘Individual participants’ or type in relevant names to select the participants), all leads or all participants.

When you choose ‘All leads’, the message will be sent to all funding round participants who are marked as round leads as well as to members of lead deal rooms who have deal flow management rights.

When you choose ‘All participants’, the message will be sent to individuals (and organizations if applicable) listed in the ‘Interests’ table.
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