Company information is shared, and therefore visible, in two ways: company profile and company page.

When using Dealum, companies share data (information) with deal rooms (investors) through filling in applications. These applications consist of questions that deal rooms have hand-picked from a global pool of questions, making the application relevant to their processes.

The answers to these questions are saved. When a company answers one of the questions, they do not need to answer that question again as they have already provided an answer. So when a company starts filling in next application and encounters questions they've already answered, the answers' fields will be pre-filled with the previously given answers.
Changing the answer to a question, changes the answer in all previously filled applications as well.

All the given answers, provided by the company, create the company profile and company page.

Company profile and how to share it
Company page and how to share it
Who sees this information?

Company profile

Company profile is an overview of all the answers a company has given throughout all applications.

It is found on the left side menu, under "Profile" and on that page, you can:
Change your company logo
Get overview of the data you've provided the deal rooms through applications
Change the data

Please note that the Profile page only displays questions (and answers) in the global question pool. Some deal rooms have added custom questions that are unique to them only, and those questions can be updated only by updating the application to that deal room.

If you update answers while filling in a new application (and click Next or Back buttons), those answers are immediately updated for all previous applications that also used the same questions.

Think of this as your computer and email account. It doesn't matter which computer (question) you use, changes to your account (answer) will be implemented even if you use another computer to log into that account.

Why does Dealum use this global question pool?

This was implemented to make it easier to use Dealum, by all parties.
For companies, the benefits include:
Not having to answer the same question multiple (up to hundreds!) times
Updating your info is much easier and faster

Sharing company profile

Company profile is shared by filling in applications to deal rooms.

Company page

Company page is a public information page about the company that can only be shared via link.

This page is not discoverable on Google (or any other search engine) and cannot be searched on Dealum. The only way to access this, is for the company to share their unique link. You can view an example here.

Companies cannot change which information is shared on the company page, i.e which questions with answers will be displayed there. This selection has been made by Dealum, to only showcase public, introductory information about the company.

Questions/answers selected for this are not inherently confidential:
Fact sheet (website, founded/registered date, stage, address etc)
1-3 sentence overviews of Problem, Solution, Business, Market, Accomplishments
Contact info
Team members
There are similar questions, with much longer character count, to go in depth with your business and share more confidential information with your potential investors. These questions should be answered with a short descriptive answer for initial overview.

To update your company page, follow these steps:
Go to
Select your company name
You will land on Applications page
On Applications page, find "Company page" section
Click on the "Update" button

You will be taken to a special page to update the public info. Please note that public info is still using the global pool of questions and therefore any changes there will also be taking effect in applications where those questions are present.

You can always see what your public page looks like, by clicking on "View company page"

Sharing company page

In order to share your company page, please follow these steps:

Go to
Select your company name
You will land on Applications page
On Applications page, find "Company page" section
Click on the icon of two rectangles to copy the link
Paste the link to whomever you wanted to share it with

Who sees this information?

Company profile is shared with only deal rooms you apply to. This means all deal room members with access to your application will be able to see it.
In addition, deal rooms can only see answers to the questions they have included in their application form. Prior to adding questions to their application, they do not see which questions may or may not have answers from companies.

Company page will be visible to anyone with the link. The unique link is generated for each company upon creation and is visible to the company team, and later to the deal rooms the company has applied to.

Please note there are a few differences between a logged in Dealum user and a visitor who looks at company page. A visitor will not be able to see company registration date and registry code, raised funding and contact information:
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