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Dealum is a software provider for collecting and managing funding applications, intended for angel investor networks. In addition to BANs, a variety of funds, incubators, accelerators, event organizers, and others use Dealum.
If you have found your way here, it's likely one of them has requested you to "fill in an application in Dealum"; or you've already done that and would like to understand more about Dealum.

What can I do on Dealum?
What is the cost/price of using Dealum?
How do I find investors?
What is the Services page under my company profile about?

What can I do on Dealum?

Before we give you an overview of the software, we will cover basic terminology to help you understand Dealum-specific terms better.

Deal room - a dedicated space for collecting and managing applications for one fund, network, incubator/accelerator etc. Each deal room has their own investors, processes and rules.
Application - a collection of your company's information that has been submitted to a deal room. Information is given as answers to questions. The questions are for each deal room to choose and set up.

Account - associated with an email address, and is not dependent on the number of companies or deal rooms it is part of. Deleting a company or deal room, or removing an account from company or deal room will not delete the account.
Personal settings - associated with your account, not your company. Change name, photo, contact information, notification settings, 2FA and more.

Once you've created your account and set up a company profile, you will be able to see this menu:

And here's what you can do on each page:
Overview of all your applications
Update an application
Restrict access to your application
Share company metrics with deal rooms
Communicate with the deal rooms
Discover potential investors

Overview of funding rounds
Create, edit or delete funding rounds
Share existing funding rounds
Upload documents to funding rounds
Send emails to funding round participants
Overview of all answers given to deal rooms (company profile)
Update answer to any question
Update and share company page
Add, edit and remove team members
Resend invitations to team
Manage team members' access rights
Add, edit and remove company metrics and progress updates
See which deal rooms have access to your reporting data
Change company's Contact person
Close company down
Delete company

What is the cost/price of using Dealum?

Creating an account is free for all users. Package prices for different deal rooms can be found here.
Using core functions of Dealum is free of charge for applicants.

Some deal rooms may charge application fees. Dealum offers a software for the deal rooms to manage their processes, but is never involved in those processes, communications or payments.

How do I find investors on Dealum?

There is no publicly available list of investors & other organizations using Dealum for managing their applications and processes. Applications can be submitted through a private application link for each organization that can usually be found on their website.

Once you have created an account, you can find a few deal rooms in your Applications -> Explore more opportunities view. These deal rooms accept applications publicly, and potentially match your company.

Please note that the Explore more opportunities feature will take up to 1 day for a new account to start displaying suggestions.

These suggestions are based on your company profile and changes to your profile may trigger a new list of suggestions, with the deal rooms most suited being displayed first.

What is the Services page under my company profile about?

From this page, you can find different services that are offered by Dealum’s partners. These services might be useful to you in the fundraising process. Our partners can help you improve your pitch or pitch deck, calculate an accurate valuation for your company, and more.

Please note that these services are not connected to or offered by the deal rooms you’ve applied to and are delivered outside the Dealum platform by external service providers.

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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