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Contact person of your company and how to change it

What is the "Contact person" of my company?

Contact person is the team member whose contact information is displayed as the company contact information. This is displayed to investors in deal rooms you've applied to, as well as to anyone with the link to your company page.

All direct emails sent by the deal room to your company will also be sent to the Contact person's primary email.

How can I change the contact person of my company?

You can change the contact person by following these steps:
Go to
Click on the company name
Click on "Settings" on the left side menu
Click on "Change"
Select a team member
Click "OK"
Click "Save and publish"

Please note that a team member can only be named as the Contact person of the company if
they have an account on Dealum
their account has been invited to the company
they have admin rights to the company

Please check the article on how to manage your team members.

How can I change my name or my contact information on my company profile?

Remember that the name and contact info displayed is of the person who is set as "contact person" for your company. If you need to change it, you can also just assign another person to it (see above).

However, if you need to change your account name and contact details (i.e you are rebranding with new emails etc), you can just change the contact information of your own account. To do so follow these steps:
Click on your profile icon/picture in the top right corner
Select "Personal settings"
On the opened "Profile" page change the contact info
Click "Save"

If you want to change the email address displayed on your company profile, you need to change the primary email address associated with your account.

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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