How can I invite other team members to edit and see the company profile?

After logging in, open your company, go to the 'Team' tab and click 'Add Member'. Fill in their name and email address and choose the access level (if you want them also be able to edit 'Team' section information, choose 'Admin'). They will then receive an email invitation to join your company on Dealum and will have access after accepting the invite.

How can I remove a team member?

After logging in, open your company, go to the 'Team' tab and choose 'Edit' for the team member that you want to remove. Click 'Delete' in the dialogue that will open and choose to 'Save and publish' the changes. However, you cannot remove a team member who has been set as the contact person of your company. To remove that person from your company, you first have to make another team member the contact person of your company. You can find instructions for changing the contact person of your company here. It's also not possible to remove yourself from company's team. If you want to be removed, please ask an (other) admin member to delete you.

How can I remove myself from a company profile?

You can only remove yourself from a company profile when you're not the contact person of the company. To remove yourself from a company, go to the home view and open the additional actions menu of the company you want to remove yourself from. Choose 'Leave the company' and confirm by clicking 'Leave' in the dialogue that opens.
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