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Deleting a company profile

Prerequisites of deleting a company profile

Your company can be deleted from Dealum only when you don’t have any active applications.

All active applications can be seen on your Applications page that you can reach by following these steps:
Go to
Click on your company name
Applications page is opened

You will have to contact these deal rooms and ask them to remove your application from their deal room first. On Dealum you can contact the deal rooms via the Chat option on the Applications page:

If you have direct contact with the deal room (email, phone), you may also contact them through those means.

Why do I need to ask the deal rooms to delete my application?

Dealum only offers software for collecting and managing applications. This means all data is exchanged between the company and deal room (startup and investors). Once the company fills and submits an application to the deal room, the data handler is the deal room. Thus, they are the ones who need to be asked to remove the data from their deal rooms.

If you've asked the the deal room to remove your application and they have not replied to your request, please contact Dealum support via

Deleting company profile

When you don’t have any applications, you can delete your company by following these steps:
Go to
Click on your company name
Click on "Settings" on the left side menu
Under "Other" click on "Delete company"
Wait for the 5-second countdown to finish
Click "Delete"

When deleting the company, all the entered data about your company and its team will be lost and cannot be restored

Please note that deleting a company profile does not delete your user account

Updated on: 16/12/2022

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