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Deleting your account (company founder/team member)

What is an "account"?

(User) account is associated with an email address and is not dependent on the number of companies or deal rooms it is part of. Deleting a company or deal room, or removing an account from a company or deal room, will not delete the account.

(User) account can only be deleted when it is no longer associated with any deal rooms or companies.

How do I delete my account?

If your account is no longer part of any company, follow these steps:

Click your profile icon/picture in the top right corner
Select "Personal settings"
Go to the tab Other
Under "Manage account", click "Delete account"
Wait for the 5-second countdown to finish
Click "Delete"

Why can't I delete my account?

Company-related reasons why Dealum won't allow your user account to be deleted:
You are the Primary contact for that company
You are the only member left in the company

If you are the Primary contact, the contact person needs to be changed first.

If you are the only member of the company, first you will need to delete the company profile, before you can delete your user account. Once you've deleted the company profile, you can come back to How do I delete my user account?

How can I remove myself from a company profile?

If you are not the primary contact of the company, you can just remove yourself from the company and then delete your account. To remove yourself from a company, follow these steps:
Go to
Find the company you wish to leave
Click on the additional action menu (downward triangle)

Click "Leave the company"
Wait for the 5-second countdown
Click "Leave"

Updated on: 14/12/2022

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