How can I change the name of my company?

If you need to change the brand name on your company profile, you can send a name change request to our support team by going to the profile tab and clicking on your company name. Our support team will make the change upon receiving the request and notify you about it.

Please note that there is a separate field for the legal name of your company which you can edit yourself.

What does editing company information in the Profile tab do?

In the profile tab, you can find shared questions from all applications you have started. Shared question means that the question can be used by multiple deal rooms on Dealum and when you update your answer to the question, it will be updated in all applications which included that question (except applications that have been locked for changes by deal rooms that received them).

Please note that not all questions from applications are visible under the Profile tab as applications may include custom questions that are specific to a certain deal room. If you want to update a specific application you have submitted, please follow the instructions below.

Can I make changes to my application after I have submitted it?

Yes. For that, log in to your account and open your company. Choose 'Update information' from the actions menu of the application you want to edit. We recommend to notify the corresponding deal room (organization) about the changes in your application to make sure that they will check your up-to-date data.

The 'update information' action is not available when the deal room has locked your application for changes. In such case, you should reach out to the deal room using chat to ask them to unlock your application or give them the information you wanted to change/add via chat.

How can I edit my company page (short shareable company profile)?

To update your company page, log in to Dealum, open your company, go to 'Applications' tab, scroll down to 'Share your profile' section, click on 'Update company page' and follow the wizard.
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