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Marking that the company has been closed down

If your company has decided to stop operating and you are closing down the business, you can mark it down in Dealum. This will allow all deal rooms that have your applications to see that you are no longer operating.

How do mark my company as closed down?

To mark your company as closed down, please follow these steps:
Go to
Click on the company name
On the left side menu click on "Settings"
Click on "Close company down"

What happens after I've closed down my company?

After you have closed your company down in Dealum:
a notice will be displayed on your company page as well as on all applications you’ve submitted:

company will no longer be displayed on your Dealum Home screen, but will always be accessible from the drop-down menu of your profile icon:

when you access a closed down company, it has a banner on the top of every page, informing any team members the company has been closed down:

If you wish to delete your company profile, please follow the steps in this article: Deleting a company profile

Updated on: 20/03/2023

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